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Distributed Semantic MediaWiki

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Welcome to the DSMW !

DSMW stands for Distributed Semantic Media Wiki. It allows to create a network of Semantic Media Wiki Server and synchronize data between them. DSMW can be understood as Git or Mercurial but for a network of semantic wikis.

DSMW principles

With DSMW extension, each Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) server can creates arbitrary number of pushFeeds and publish changes of selected Wiki pages in these pushFeeds. It can be understood as publish operation in publish subscribe paradigm. Next, any SMW server can also subscribe to remote pushfeeds by creating pullfeeds. It can be seen as subscribe operation in publish subscribe paradigm. Then, anyone can push and pull in these channels. DSMW extension ensure eventual consistency on whole network i.e. if the system is idle and every node connected, next all servers are in the same state (no divergence).


More explanation can be found at:

DSMW authors

Pascal Molli, Hala Skaf, Jean-Philippe Muller, Marlène Hantz, Emmanuel Desmontils, Stéphane Weiss, Emile Morel